10 Great Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

Below are 10 general weight loss tips that many people have found very helpful.

  1. Joining a weightloss group. Many people find that group work, with regular weigh-ins and sharing of experiences, can help motivation.
  2. Formulate a personalized plan. Map out the next few months with target weights, days off from your diet, and rewards for progress.
  3. Find a goal for your weight loss program. Aim for an event such as a summer holiday, wedding or similar event to aim for, that would motivate you to lose weight.
  4. Learn your own weaknesses. People drive past fast food resturants everyday and are tempted to buy something unhealthy. An easy way to overcome that temptation would be to find a nutritious on the menu and only allow yourself to buy that.
  5. Avoid going too long without food. Many people, when they do go too long with out food, overeat when they finally have the chance.
  6. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week – more often you won’t see any improvement and just get disillusioned.
  7. Don’t be over ambitious – a loss of 2 lb or max 1 kg a week is the most you should expect.
  8. Anticipate the hurdles and falls. If you know you are going to go away for a weekend, for example, prepare tactics for eating out, anticipate a slight gain in weight. Mentally prepare yourself to get right back on target as soon as you return.
  9. All dieters have good and bad days. Mentally plan out small treats or tactics to cope for when life is being unkind to you.
  10. Visualize success. Set a reward for you that will motivate you to achieve it.

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