Double chin exercise that work

double chin exercise

So many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for the care of facial skin, however, neglect the areas of chin, throat and neck. But heres the good news: you do not have to blow a lot of moolah for the face, chin, neck and throat to be in perfect condition.

Everyone who has a double chin would like to get rid of to admit it or not. This is because it has a double chin does not seem younger. It also makes you look rather unhealthy for others.

Consider losing weight if your weight is more than what is right for your height and built. We need to start working at least one hour on a daily basis to lose excess weight. A double chin, however, is not only a sign of excess weight.

chin, neck and throat muscles loose can also cause jowls. Heres what you have to do facial exercises every day to reduce the appearance of jowls. The following double chin exercises tone the muscles of the chin, neck and throat.

  • Exercise any. 1: Sit upright, tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. His lips must be closed and relaxed while doing this. Now part of his lips and tongue thrust in a downward direction, as if you want the tip of the tongue and chin to touch. Hold for ten seconds, then his head and tongue in its normal position.
  • Exercise any. 2: Look at the ceiling while keeping your back straight. Now start chewing with closed lips as if you have food in your mouth. The muscles of the neck and throat work as tonic and chewed. Chewing movement should last for twenty seconds.
  • Exercise any. 3: Lie on your bed with your head down on the edge. Slowly bring the body to the head. Hold for ten counts. Then put the head down and relax again before repeating the exercise.
  • You should do all three exercises at least five times a day, eat healthier foods and get enough rest to get rid of a double chin in four weeks.

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