Physical fitness exercises improve your fitness

improve your fitness

There are numerous amounts of fitness exercises that you can do to improve your fitness. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can go do simple exercises you may already be doing and do not require any special equipment to join a gym and use more specialized equipment.

After taking the time to determine your fitness goals and gym, the best way to decide which fitness exercises you want to do is follow the 5 components of fitness (cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition ).

So lets see some exercises you can do for each component.

1.) For heart health, the best exercises are aerobic exercises. In other words, any exercise intensity is low, but requires a large amount of oxygen for an extended period. In general, aerobic activity should last at least 20 minutes. Of course, there are many leisure activities that are enjoyable and aerobic in nature. Examples include running, swimming, cycling, skating, dancing and speed. Apart from these types of activities, one of the easiest ways to get a good aerobic workout is to get a video of aerobic training. A simple Internet search should provide more than enough choices.

For artists and athletes, there may be a need to separate the next two components of fitness. However, for ordinary people, probably not necessary, but of course you can work on each component separately if desired.

2.) muscular endurance exercises are the opposite of cardiovascular aerobic exercise.) (Muscular endurance exercises are anaerobic, which means they have a high intensity for a short period of time so they do not require a lot of oxygen. examples of exercises to help you improve your muscular endurance would pushups, situps, pushups, sprints, high repetition resistance training circuit.

3) muscle strength exercises are just that exercises to strengthen the muscles or build. Examples are weight lifting or bodybuilding. Specifically, some exercises are bench press, leg press, bicep curls and shoulder presses. Go to any gym and you will see that there are dozens of exercises
can do.

4) flexibility can be improved by stretching. There are two types of stretching dynamic and static. Dynamic stretching is more advanced and is moving. For most people, static stretching is best. Static stretching is the type of stretching youre probably used to. There are many stretching exercises for each joint! Body stretching could do would be for calves, shins and hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, inner, outer thighs, abs thighs, upper back, lower back, shoulders and triceps. One suggestion would be to properly stretch 2-3 static stretching for each joint. Be sure to stretch the stress point painlessly. Always listen to your body, because if it hurts, it is likely that extends too far.

5.) Your body composition is actually based on the measure that makes the other four components. There is no special fitness exercise you need to do beyond the suggestions mentioned above. Be sure to eat healthy and exercise.

There is much information on the internet that will allow you to collect many exercises. I seriously doubt that a site may have every possible fitness exercise. To establish your health goals and help you determine the best exercises for your needs.

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