The Nutrition Pyramid is the Key to Health

Nutrition Pyramid

The nutrition pyramid is a key that helps you choose from a wide variety of foods. Pyramid sure you get the right amount of nutrients and the right part to help control calorie intake, cholesterol, sodium and sugar.

The base of the pyramid consists of bread, cereals, grains and pasta. This group contains so-called complex carbohydrates, which is an important source of energy, particularly for those who participate in sports competitions. You have to have 6 or more servings a day as a slice of whole grain bread, brown rice a half cup or pasta and 1 cup of cereal. Abstaining from processed foods.

The next level of the nutrition pyramid is part of various fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A and C, folic acid and potassium. This group is high in fiber and low in fat and sodium. One should have 5 servings per day of each of these vegetables, for example, one cup of raw leafy vegetables ½ cup of other vegetables and a cup of vegetable juice and two servings of fruit such as apple, orange or banana so that a juice glass.

The next level is their eggs, fish, beans and lean meat, containing a key source of protein, zinc and iron. dried beans and peas offer the same content. You must have 2 or 3 cooked chicken meat or fish portions a day as an egg, half cup of cooked beans, half a cup of walnuts and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Avoid frying one of those foods and slow in the nuts because they are high in fat.

The next level of the nutrition pyramid consists of all dairy products that provide vitamins and minerals, calcium and protein. Suggestion two to three servings per day. One should preferably buy low-fat milk and cheese. Be sure to read the labels of low-fat products.

The tip of thenutrition pyramid  consists of sweets and fat, which is the smallest part of the pyramid and should only take very small portions and should be consumed in moderation and these foods are full of calories. chocolate, cream, butter and soft drinks and sugar are included. These foods have very low nutritional value.

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