Turmeric side effects


Turmeric in large quantities and different turmeric extracts, are well tolerated by most people and curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, has been shown to have an excellent safety profile, even at high doses, it makes the turmeric side effects largely a non-issue.

The people of India have used turmeric for over 2000 years and has a rich heritage in folk medicine. In the traditional medical system of India Ayurveda, turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory spice and a remedy for upset stomach problems and digestion.

Even eaten raw, there are rarely any turmeric side effects in gross consumption is considered to improve bone strength and training. It is conventionally used in milk before bedtime. The famous people of Okinawa live always enjoy turmeric.

Applied topically as creams, lotions or pastes, spices turmeric no side effects and in fact acts as an antiseptic to be applied to cuts, bruises and burns.

Turmeric some minor side effects have been observed in several studies using high doses of the extract form. Some of them include:

-Estomago Discomfort (mainly as a result of prolonged high-dose supplementation)
liver -Distress
-Indigestion (This was discovered during his research in the treatment of stomach ulcers)
-The diarrhea

Pregnant women may want to avoid high doses of curcumin, as it is an anticoagulant. However, it should be noted that many pharmaceutical anticoagulants such as ibuprofen are a number of potentially dangerous side effects and are available over the counter and taken daily by hordes of people who follow. Curcuma side effects are relatively rare and soft and have a natural choice not only dilutes the blood but acts in a number of beneficial ways, including reducing systemic inflammation, which is the main cause of autoimmune diseases and degenerative.

Also because of the blood thinning effects of turmeric, people undergoing surgery should stop taking any form of curcumin pill, despite a meal of turmeric curry should not have a significant impact in this respect.

For general health maintenance and disease prevention, turmeric and several turmeric (Curcuma longa) preparations are quite safe when used at recommended doses. In recent years there have been great strides in preparing the supplement to increase the bioavailability (and therefore its positive action) significantly. In general, turmeric side effects are all concerned and health benefits of this supplement far outweigh the minor ailments that can result from high doses of supplements.

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